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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
Trailers can also be misleading, until we see the movie and fully understand the context these scenes are in, it's hard to make judgements about them

I agree that there are visual cues of both Wrath of Khan and the "Where no Man Has Gone Before" episode", but it's hard to say how much we can really read into it yet.

Perhaps the nine minute trailer will shed more light, but I have no interest in seeing that one. I feel like it's too much.
I completely agree on context, and I likely won't catch the 9 minute section so I will probably only have the trailers.

I like the Cumberbatch voiceover but............if this is dialogue from the film and not maybe dialogue from the trailer then the question is who is he talking to? Kirk? Spock? The emphasis he places on the 'my' part of him having his vengeance. I like that choice of emphasis.

It's HIS to have and he's coming after someone or something he believes has done something to him. Is this a person? Is it Starfleet? What happened? What was done to him and why?
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