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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
I believe its Khan. And its definitely not a line for line remake of either Space Seed or TWOK.
There's a few nods to TWOK though. The biggest will be the dramatic fight between the Enterprise and the Reliant as they play cat and mouse in and out of the ocean like the TWOK Mutara Nebula scene.

Pure speculation of course… but lets see if I'm right… and who dies saving the ship this time around… that's going to be one helluva unexpected twist?
Sure, if it is Khan then the only thing he will have in common with Khan 1.0 is the basic character setup. But the TWOKish 'Spock touches the transparent wall to connect with Kirk shot' reveals that even if we are not in remake mode we are nonetheless hip-deep in the fanwank swamp. Trek can be bolder than that and do better.
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