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If it's Mitchell and he has the powers then probably physical feats wouldn't be a problem.

If it's Khan, then it can't be a line for line remake of TWOK (I think the trailer establishes that Japanese version notwithstanding) because he would have to have been discovered in a totally different way. Which speaks to a thought I had, being that if they use Khan it has to be a different story (even if some events were to perhaps play out in a way that's familiar) and that seems evident.

The interesting thing is that while it packs a spectacle it doesn't actually yet tell us anything specific although it heavily alludes to one thing that would be known to send fans crazy. In that way it's actually a damn good teaser. The full trailer on the 14th may hold more. All you have is that great portentiousness from Cumberbatch (and I tell ya this - he has the Patrick Stewart touch of being able to take even the most hammy dialogue and sell it. He'll be able to take any dialogue he's given and make it work).

Plus, Eve could be Rand.
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