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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
That's what I have been saying for years, style without substance. Before I get lynched I might have to add that I am a good liberal, i.e. this is a descriptive and not a normative statement. Whether "best dumb action flick of the summer" sounds good or bad depends on your preferences.
But you make it sound awful, and you present everything you say about in that skewed manner which sounds confrontational.

Emotional substance counts, surely?

Style over substance, I would agree. I love watching the 2009 movie in the same way I love listening to a piece of music; I still don't like the bridge design or the Big-E exterior, but they fit so well with the directing and the cinematography and the music in the same way that the humble trumpet works in an orchestra. The film has a beauty to it that lends substance to the end result.
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