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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
It's a blatant rip off of The Dark Knight Rises poster. They even managed to work "Dark" in to the title. I'm not a fan:

Ever since Cloverfield Abrams has been engaged in what you could label 9/11-exploitation. While being totally apolitical (that's the difference between him and Nolan in Dickens mode (The Dark Knight Rises was heavily influenced by A Tale of Two Cities), JJA might be stupid but he is not conservative) he uses images of destruction, terrorists, an atmosphere of fear and so on.
I think it is safe to predict that Star Trek 12 will be similar to its predecessor (remember that Nero was motivated only by personal grief and wrath whereas in the comics they did show how he became Praetor) and Abrams' oeuvre in general, i.e. the story will not feature any TNG-esque "there is something wrong with us" vibes but go down the same "oh my god, a madman wants to destroy us" road of the previous movie.
To compare it again with Nolan, this will just play on post 9/11 fears (Nero the crazy Tattoomulan terrorist wants to kill everybody) and not be a political (the democratic populist is dangerous and Batman has to protect the ruling class) but of course this form of political apathy is, whether it wants or not to, quite political, especially in a political sci-fi franchise like Trek. We already witnessed the undoing of everything Starfleet and the Federation stands for, namely discipline and principles, when a bunch of insecure and immature adolescents could realize their dreams in STXI.

And yes, it is not just possible but actually extremely easy and riskless to predict all this based upon Paramount's strategy and the previous work of the involved people. Anybody who expects something with more substance than an extremely well-done yet fluffy action movie fools himself.
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