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Well I wasn't just thinking of the new secessionist thing. Although that helped spark my interest here. There's just so much division. Either left and right, I think the division has gone to unnecessary lengths.

As bad as George Bush was, I don't think he was as bad as people say. But under him the division became more apparent. And I know there's always been a divide in this country, but the gap became more noticeable.

When Obama got elected it was like the right wing collectively started picking up their pitchforks. We witnessed the right go apesh*t crazy over the birther thing. It'd be one thing if it was just some fringe group feeding a crazy conspiracy theory. But it was all over the place. Fox News jumped on it like flies on crap. I don't know if the birther thing is racist, but I swear to God, I hear banjos everytime it's mentioned. "Wut! He ain't frum here!? Not 'Merican? Lit's go git 'im boys!" Which, I know, in itself might be a racist thing for me to say. So now I'm just adding to it. Good one, Miguel.

Then North Carolina bans gay marriage in direct response to Obama's words. The thing about gay marriage is that it's obvious the antigay movement is losing the battle. But they've changed methods. They're not arguing on whether or not it's morally wrong. They're arguing that it's actually invading THEIR rights as citizens who should be allowed to define marriage not the government.

And that fits in with their belief against "big government". I'm not sure how valid a belief that is. Are they really against big government, or just big LEFT government?

But as divided as this country is, I really don't think there's going to be another Civil War. For one it'll take a lot more than just the social issues. Plus even at that, nobody wants to wake up in the middle of a battlefield. Nobody wants to find out that their close friends and family is fighting for the other side, which did happen in the 1860's. I have trouble telling my own family how liberal I've become on all the social issues, pretty much all the issues that a conservative Christian is supposed to be conservative on, yep, I've gone to the "darkside". With all the modern war technology that the US possesses, no one really wants to see all that power turn against itself. Bayonets and single-shot weapons are one thing, drone strikes and nukes are another.
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