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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
They "say" the comics are canon. But then, remember Orci is part of Team JJ. Lying is a way of life.

If you go by what's said in the Paramount synopsis, the wording fits Mitchell far better than Khan. Especially the inference that the villain is part of Starfleet. Khan was not Starfleet, so that line alone should negate the Khan theory.

One of the other possible choices? Garth of Izar, anyone? Orci has said the villain was someone from early in TOS, but then again, as mentioned, he's Team JJ...
Thus "in theory". It's a nice little circle: "It reads like it's Gary!" "It can't be Gary, he's in the comics!" "Orci lies!" "It might be a double bluff!" "It could be Gary!" "Noooo, he's in the comics!"

Garth is another possibility.
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