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It hurts...But let us be greatful that Nemesis did not kill Star Trek. Speaking of "killing franchises", the film Licence to Kill was thought to have killed the 007 franchise. I read that people felt that the film made such a big drastic turn from the 007 of past and tried too hard to compare to actions films of the same year. Well, for those of you that thought Timothy Dalton killed the franchise, that is so not true.

In reality, the film series was undergoing trouble regarding a lawsuit between MGM and Eon Productions. It was a lawsuit that cost the series six years of being shelved until the suit was finally handled. During this time, Dalton was still signed on for the part but when production kept on being held back time after time, Dalton, understandably, left the part due to other interests. This is where Pierce Brosnan stept in the spot light.
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