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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I too think John Logan was too much of a fan of ST to write for it. There was a hilarious annotated version of the Nemesis script floating around at the time of the movie's release, which (among other things) snarkingly highlighted instances of dialogue that seemed to have been processed through the Berman staff's editing filter. It portrays Logan as being very gullible and starry-eyed to be working with the ST team of that time. I also didn't like The Time Machine which he adapted. He may be too much a fan of sci-fi in general.
I used to have the annotated "Nemesis" saved on a disc...I think I still have it. The notations were supposedly done by Harlan Ellison. I read it about two weeks before the movie premiered, and had thought "This CAN'T be the actual script..." but as I saw the movie in the theatre, I realized, "Oh Great Ghu, that really WAS the script!!"

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