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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Just because there are some racist right-wing halfwits running around with Confederation flags and pretending that slavery didn't exist and that states should be virtually independent from "evil DC" doesn't imply that they actually gain any political power.
So if you refer to a secessionist movement resembling the one of the American Civil War the answer is no. But civil war in general is quite possible. Obviously not in the near future but the American Empire is in decline (you can e.g. hardly provide a decent reading of neoconservatism without taking this into account) which might imply some social upheaval in this century and due to climate chance, overpopulation and resources shortages, problems that reinforce each other, this century might be even more violent than the last one.
To quote Mark Twain, "History doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme."

On another note, it does seem that when we look at not just here in the US but also across the pond over in your neighborhood as well as in Asia where my extended family is, just to name a few regions, the positioning is starting to take place. I don't know who the major players will be in whatever is coming in the next 50 years but I'm pretty certain the US will be much less influential on the world stage. I don't see the US going into obscurity but it will no longer be dominant, not that I think the US is still dominant but I believe it will continue to lose influence for the time being. I suspect to see at least 3 major players in the world. Europe, the US, and China being the new big kid not just economically but also militarily. They just got their first carrier running and just did the first carrier landing. The fact that the Chinese are looking at catapults for their domestically designed and built carriers tells me they're looking at building carriers of similar capabilities as US carriers.

"Don't confuse facts with reality."
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