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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
Everywhere I read, Khan is not confirmed, only speculated as the villain in the next film. Yet I keep seeing fans acting like it is confirmed. I see comments made basically in assumption that it is confirmed, and simply expressing either their disappointment and rage over such a travesty, or expressing joy and excitement.
I don't remember the precise words but there was something about an iconic character from TOS or something like that. So the talk isn't merely wishful (or doomsday) thinking of some stupid fanboys but actually a fairly rational prediction. Khan is clearly more likely to be the villain than Gary Mitchell or whoever.
And no, just because people have issues with the half-a*sed nature of this reboot which is reflected in the reuse TOS characters doesn't mean that they are whiners or that the movie will actually be bad. There are plenty of interesting and not-so-iconic (this is why STXI sometimes felt like Galaxy Quest, it tried a bit to emulate what the public thinks TOS has been) species you could reuse.
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