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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Nemesis has a 'dark' visual aesthetic to it that I think gives it that darker feel but I dunno if I would really call it a dark film as such.

I'm happy enough with PG-13 for Trek in film but I do feel that most of the audience is sufficient for that rating to be pushed to it's boundaries from time to time.
I'm sort of at a loss as to what on the ST front would constitute dark if Nemesis doesn't. I would think not Wrath of Khan, because Nemesis already mirrors that one too closely.

The Undiscovered Country is moody, but not dark. And its darkness is undermined by a lot of classic TOS-style campy humor (assuming the camp was even intentional; after 20 years I still can't tell). First Contact likewise has too many humorous turns in its subplots to really be considered dark. Ditto ST09.

DS9, I think one would have to go through in much greater depth to evaluate whether it's dark or not. On the average, I would say probably not very.

The Search for Spock maybe? I mean what else is left...

There was a time when PG-13 for Star Trek was perceived as the new exception rather than the rule. While I would agree most of the target audience could handle a 'strong' PG-13 that was borderline R, ST just doesn't seem to me the type of franchise that would. Compared to Nolan's Batman, or a lot of the 'psychological thriller' horror flicks that are PG-13.

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