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Every notable administration/regime/whatever has tried to move in a direction counter to the one prior. I'm convinced that's just nature. It's no different with ST, and I believe it's a healthy thing. And every fresh incarnation of ST has claimed to be in some way 'truer' to the original than the one just prior. The TV series was too sexist, and had too much technicolor. No, the movie was too monochrome and lacking in character. No, the subsequent movies were too militaristic and not sci-fi enough. No, the TV reboot was too PC and not enough rock-and-roll. See, by you bald is sexy. And so on.

It will happen. If the current version doesn't agree with some people, there will eventually be another (most likely theatrical, since I believe ST is pretty much over for TV). Someone else will inherit the franchise, and they will want their own fingerprints smudged across it. They'll say "the Abrams films were good, but they weren't sci-fi/nautical/retro/whatever enough. We're going to remind you what ST 'really' is." And fans will be skeptical once again, until most of them see it. And some even after. Life goes on.

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