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Originally Posted by Akula2ssn View Post
Uh, yeah it's kind of like the conspiracy theories that were popping up during Operation Patriot Hook that the administration was gearing up to put down protests following the recent elections. FEMA is one of several agencies under DHS. The only actual military organization under DHS that I'm aware of is the US Coast Guard. CBP, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, Citizenship and Immigrations Services, TSA, and Secret Service all fall under DHS. Operation Patriot Hook is an annual nationwide exercise that the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard do. They simulate responding to a nation wide emergency so that they can practice moving cargo that they wouldn't normally carry. US Coast Guard, FEMA, and other agencies piggy back onto the exercise so that they can practice rapid deployment of emergency teams and in doing so, those agencies provide the cargo that isn't normally transported by the Air Force. It also allows those agencies to learn how to coordinate with the Air Force in planning the transportation of the personnel and equipment.

I have to laugh at the black "fighting vehicle" in that article. It has DHS markings, but if there's anything on that vehicle about FEMA, they could have chosen a better sized photo to show it. I think here, the Seattle police department has such vehicles for some of their specialized units like SWAT. The MRAP that they show in the picture above has no markings that identify it as DHS let alone FEMA. It looks like a your standard Army or Marine Corps MRAP painted for desert operations and honestly the DoD, particularly the Marine Corps, is getting rid of them such as selling them off. Those vehicles were designed and built specifically to protect against EIDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. They weren't designed for any other role, so the military is getting rid of them.

Next thing you know, they're going to be going on about vehicles with DHS license plates driving on and off military bases. Happens all the time. Coast Guard vehicles are owned by DHS and the Coast Guard does share some facilities with the DoD. Coast Guard personnel can also use DoD exchanges, commissaries, medical facilities, fitness facilities, etc and vice versa.

But I will say this. There are a lot of people today, that still thing the Coast Guard is part of the Department of Transportation. That hasn't been true for almost a decade. I actually kind of wonder if some of the ammo buy ups falls around the time of the creation of the Maritime Enforcement Specialist "A" School that was created several years ago by the Coast Guard. Just within that 8 week school, you do more shooting than anyone else in the entire Coast Guard will do in their entire career.

When you work for the government you quickly see that a lot of things happen not out of some organized nefarious plot, but out of industrial scale genuine stupidity.
I was wondering about those pictures as well. Hell, I'm not even looking as closely as you were, and I suspected something amiss. Just looked like random picturing to me. Like well I'm writing about combat crap so I'm going to start posting pics of armored vehicles and guys with guns to make the article seem more real.
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