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I personally enjoyed Baird's directorial style for Nemesis, because it finally felt like a big screen movie for TNG. As I've always said, it takes a big screen director to make a movie for the big screen....all the action in the previous TNG films had filled up a 4:3 aspect TV screen quite nicely, but just didn't sit well with me on the big screen.

John Logan, whose work I admired for Gladiator, I thought did a nice job with the writing for Nemesis, but, there were some things that showed him to be more of a fan-boy writing a story, rather than a fan of Trek trying to make a professional Trek movie. (The whole thing with the Ent-E apparently having grown 5 more decks in in its belly?....that does kinda smack of Star Trek V where somehow, the Ent-A seemed to magically have some 70 decks...?....!..)

Ah..well...Nemesis is still my fave of the TNG films, even for all its Sovereign class flaws.

And I think I might treat myself to a day out at the movies tomorrow, to catch the premiere of Red Dawn, and to go see Skyfall.

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