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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
It's actually a pretty good scene (just watched it, thanks)... I think Troi's line is the only thing that gives it an unfortunately staged "Star Trek 101' feel to the affair. But what do you do; she's there, you have to give her 'something' to say. I'd love to get a Meyer/Bennett MST3K-style commentary on her line though. "Really? We weren't required to know any of that stuff when we made our movies"... "That's because you chased Gene out of your office, you soulless bastard!"... "I did, didn't I?"

I suppose one could argue this story is the foundation of Trek mythology, and Cochrane is the 'visionary' stand-in for Roddenberry (for those who insist on calling him that) who meets these people and immediately 'gets it' as to what they're about... hence his coming up with the same term Roddenberry did when pitching his series. (Just don't tell Moore and Braga; they might take credit for it)
Yeah, I don't have a problem with the overall scene itself or the core point of the scene - just the dialogue used in places of the scene and Troi's line about War and Poverty just simply isn't a line that works for me even though I understand exactly why she's given it to say. Some of Picard's lines exist for similar reasons and they don't really work for me either.

It's kind of like, as you say 'Star Trek 101' and a bit unsubtle. Well, more than a bit.

I think the core theme of the plot just got caught up in all the 30th Anniversary momentum at the time and that it became a kind of victim of that. Not in necessarily the bad sense of the word but just inevitably I think they were at the stage they felt they would do that. I maintain FC is my favourite TNG film while still having several issues of it's own but it's overall good for the most part.
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