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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Was anyone on here bothered by the use of the term 'star trek' in the actual spoken dialogue of ST First Contact? Like, did it seem fourth-wall breaking to anybody? I'm just curious.
I think of the many ways that they could have inserted this phrase that i can think of, the way they chose was the least forced. I think it worked, even if it is a bit fourth wall breaking.

Title dropping a thirty-something year old franchise title is hard to do casually though. They made it important to the dialogue in that scene - the whole scene was telling you about the idealistic stuff involved in Star Trek.

In contrast, they could also have gone grandiose and over-the-top with the title drop. Like Doctor Who did last year - it is still using it as the main continuing storyline: Putting the phrase associated with the premise of the show at the very heart of the story. Doctor Who?

This is more forced, but they haven't shied away from it - which is at least admirable.
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