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Very much so. But also informative so thank you for covering it.

The little I know usually only comes from either Blu Ray featurettes on how a film was restored or cleaned up for the Blu Ray version but not all films obviously cover that aspect in their extras. And often they use a lot of terms in conversation but without necessarily explaining them.

My curiosity stemmed mostly because I had picked up several older films the last while on Blu Ray that are supposed to be a combination of Restorations, Remasters etc (such as Double Indemnity, North by Northwest, Chinatown, Jaws and even the Back to the Future trilogy) and so many of these look so amazing in their picture quality it's as if they were filmed yesterday with state of the art equipment used.

I'm just continually amazed by what can be done with such old films when someone puts in the effort to bring them back. I used to be so skeptical of the Blu Ray difference before I actually bought a player and started building my collection in the format.
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