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See, I always get a little confused with Blu Ray on this remastering concept because I'm never sure what they mean when they say a film has been remastered (as the region 2 Blu Ray releases of the Star Trek films state).

Forgive me for the tangent but as it seems to have arisen............but I get a little vague between remasters and restorations and when a film needs one or other. And the cost of doing them. For example, 'Jaws' I recently bought on Blu Ray was, I think advertised as a full 'frame by frame' restoration AND remaster from the ground up and cost supposedly around $250,000 (as part of Universals work on 13 catalogue titles as part of it's 100th Anniversary) to do. And it looks frankly superb in the process.

Newer films of the last few years have obviously been shot with Blu Ray and HD in mind so look great from the start, but with some older catalogue films I can never be sure which level of work they've had done moving from format to format. Or does it all depend on the quality of the source prints to start with.

It just confuses me sometimes - Transfers, Remasters, Frame by Frame Restorations and how you know what's what. Like for example, I read there were two Blu Ray versions of 'Gladiator', initially a transfer copy not remastered and then later released in the same packaging a remastered version but you could only tell by the presence of a small logo on the back of the packaging. I read there were different transfers of 'Terminator 2' as well - a standard and then the fully done Skynet edition (which was the one I bought and does look amazing frankly).

Sorry for going off tangent.
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