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Yeah, The ST:I-X BluRays are all the theatrical versions. On the positive side, this is the first time VI: The Undiscovered Country has been released in its original edit and theatrical aspect ratio (as opposed to the slightly longer version with his preferred 2.05/1 aspect ratio known to all prior video releases of the film).

Interestingly enough, some of the color correction work on TMP's director's edition (mostly stuff like restoring consistency to spaceship model shots) did crossbleed back into the BluRay presentation of TMP's theatrical cut. So there's that. The film would've had to have been scanned in order to be color-corrected (right?), and if that stuff's at a high enough resolution for BluRay (again, I would hope it was scanned at 4k or higher and not just 1080p) it makes their decisions regarding the new CG effects all the more perplexing.

All the Alien movies were scanned at 8k and remastered for the DVD Quadrilogy set, and the first two films were remastered again for the BluRay Anthology set. So even if Cameron's special editions had previously existed on video only, they would've been rebuilt at the times of these remastering efforts. However I had missed the part about The Abyss' special edition getting a limited theatrical release even though I read the same article you did. So... cheers. I think that seems to settle it then, Paramount's execs were out to lunch and they shafted Robert Wise to save money.

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