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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Oh, dude. Don't even get me started on the extended (TV) cut of Dune. 'Yes,' it's a nice little companion piece to the theatrical cut. But there's a reason director David Lynch had his name removed from the credits.
I fully agree.
It is a very nice, but EXTREMELY flawed companion piece. It's more of a curiosity for fans and aficianados who want to see just what was missing from the theatrical cut. I can agree with Lynch's decision to distance himself from it.

For one thing, the overuse of one particular FX shot (the Baron Harkonnen's dropship closing in on the city of Arrakeen) is a big turn off for me. Another shot that should not have been repeated, although it at least was cropped to try and suit the scene, was the Guild lander arriving outside the Emperor's palace on Kaitain. This shot was cropped and reused for the Harkonnen/Sardaukar joint strike on Arrakeen.

Also, the restored footage was clearly not post-produced for visual the Fremen's "Eyes of Ibaz" (the blue within blue eyes) were not rotoscoped in for these shots. These had apparently been cut out before post production.

Redubbing of some lines just made no sense.
In the Emperor's report to the Guild Navigator, his use of "House Atreides" is constantly redubbed with "Duke Atreides". Made no sense whatsoever, and one could hear the audio flaws, even without listening too intently.

Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam's question to Paul about "The Water of Life" was also clipped to half a question....most inexplicably. I think the intent was to make it part of the previous sentence, but it missed entirely.

And Paul's "Someone started a thumper!" when it was originally (in the theatrical cut) "Someone started another thumper!" Again, the audio flaw is quite apparent.

The biggest let down for me was the narration. The guy narrating the piece talks to the audience as a teacher might to a fifth grade class, and his pronunciation of certain character names is way off. (Piter's Pie-Ter, you numbskull, not Pitter!) This had to be the original narrator before they decided (quite wisely) to go with Virginia Madsen's lovely voice in the theatrical cut. Apparently though, Madsen only recorded the narrative necessary for the theatrical cut, or else, I'm sure they would've went with her for the extended cut.

As an aside, with Lynch's distancing from the extended cut, the pseudonym "Alan Smithee" is used. It would seem that this is a common pseudonym used by directors who do not wish their name associated with abortive alternate cuts, or studio-dictated cuts of their films.

Yes, while I enjoy the extended cut, I can certainly sympathize with Lynch's removal of his name from it.

Heheh.....did I miss anything? (Probably did.)

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