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I think you've articulated something I've not been able put my finger on. I like the use of Trek as a verb, but yes it makes the term Star Trek a little awkward.

On the other hand, Damon Lindelof (not checking to see if I've spelled his name right) also said something that I think is dead on. Which is that the colon in the title embodies everything that casual audiences have come to not like about Star Trek. It basically decodes as Star Trek: Another Movie or Star Trek: Still Yet Another "'Nother New One" One.

The colon is also very much a staple of the 2nd Generation (NOT to be confused with Next Generation even though the latter is exclusive to the former), just as the roman numerals are a staple of the 1st. As I see it, anyway. (Are Generations and Insurrection the two TNG films that were without colons? Or are they Generations and Nemesis? I never get that part clear because nobody's ever consistent)

But anyway, I think that each generation should have its own stile. 3rd Generation seems to be characterized by simplicity, and perhaps even a degree of misdirective replacement (I mean 'Star Trek' would fool any google search). So it seems appropriate that they should continue to leave the colon out just to set themselves apart.

Twelve more years until my first motherf-ing colonoscopy. I can hardly wait.

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