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If I may divert the thread back on topic for the briefest of moments, I'd like to say that I do not like this title. I don't mind it that much, but I have one issue with it.

Obviously, they are trying to play on the fact that "to trek" is in fact a verb and I believe this was almost said outright in an interview. I like this. This is good. However: "Star Trek" is a pairing of words to make a single noun. Thus rendering "Star Trek Into Darkness" a noun plus a supporting statement. (To separate the "Star" from the "Trek" there needs to be an article before "Star" - either "a" or "the". At the moment the "Star Trek" component is technically a single word.)

Another way of putting that would be along the lines of "Squirrel: Into Darkness".

Oops. It seems that they have opted for a colon film title but decided simply to skip the colon. This is bad.

Personally, I'd like to retitle this film as simply "Trek Into Darkness", which starts with a verb and is in the imperative. You see that title and it compels you to see it. It urges you. You must see it. You will trek into darkness.
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