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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Ah, so that might mean a pre credits prologue like last time with the USS Kelvin.

I already forgot but isn't that the same idea as the opening sequence of The Dark Knight Rises being released as a taster earlier this year? Or was that The Dark Knight they did that with................I'm not sure now.

Anyway, that gives them a good 6 month window pre release and The Hobbit is bound to be big, so they're smart to start with genre viewers and then expand out.
I think both of the Dark Knights got the same treatment. Rises got a sneak preview with Mission Impossible in IMAX last year, and Knight got an IMAX sneak preview with... some Fall 2007 movie (I am Legend perhaps?)

I was saying the same thing in the other thread, that I wouldn't have expected ST was high-profile enough to get its trailer spliced onto The Hobbit (as part of an actual deal between the two films, that is)... but that I'm also hardly in a position to complain with that now being the case.

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