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Except that 23,000 doesn't even sound that widespread. Probably as many people voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000 without hurting Bush's advantage over Gore any. Just a bunch of cooks; you can almost predict their thought processes.

It's like the Montgomery petition to remove Obama from the Kansas ballot. Soon as you see something like that, you already know what's going on upstairs: "L-l-l-let me guess: you want him removed, so that the state would go to Romney by default (as if that would ever happen; it's going to lean to him anyway), yet your pretense is that he can't run for president, because he's not an American citizen. Never mind that his citizenship is proven because he obviously did run and was elected." Whatever. Maybe just the idea his being allowed to run was offensive to Montgomery because he's a Democrat.

This kind of reactionary behavior is all so predictably petty it's humorous.

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