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I 'guess' Dalton too; although until recent years I've never been able to follow most of the Bond films I watch. The information (people's names, geographic locations, political affiliations, or even visuals cues such as "now the key is in his pocket") just flows WAY too f-ing fast for me.

I enjoyed both Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace. And of course Goldfinger is a longtime classic.

This year I've finally begun Netflixing all the movies, and I've just finished You Only Live Twice a couple nights ago. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is next.

But when I watch, I turn the subtitles ON. And keep the << button on my remote ALWAYS handy. It's the only way I ever get through these things.

I have never seen a Pierce Brosnan 007. I'll probably see Skyfall next week sometime.

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