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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I think that the Republican party failed because they aren't selling themselves to a wide enough demographic, the white male vote isn't enough to win on anymore. I think there is a large pool of untapped voters out there that would go for a small government, fiscally conservative message that is socially liberal. I think that is the future for the Republican party if they want to compete in the 21st century. I think they need to do a better job courting non white demographics. I also think that Romney was just not a strong candidate, I felt that way from the beginning. A guy like Chris Christie would have won, I think. The republicans botched an opportunity here, a bad economy usually spells doom on the incumbent.
But isn't Romney basically a guy like Bloomberg, a former businessman with liberal (liberal meaning liberal in the classical sense and not, as it is often used, as short form for left-liberal) views who implemented fairly centrist politics while he was governor? Isn't the discussion in the Republican party about Romney not having been a hardcore conservative who merely followed the party platform and pretended to care about abortion and all that stuff for the sake of the election basically correct?

I totally agree with you that social views change over time, that the US is becoming (even) more ethnically mixed and that representatives have to reflect those changes but I also think that one serious problem of our time is that we no more have conservatives and social democrats but right-liberals and left-liberals.
I think a good conservative should not just be liberal, have some economic competence and so on but also care about actual conservative values. This might imply a slightly antiquated view upon gender or race but it also implies caring about the conservation of families, nature and the well-being of the working class. McCain would be an example for such an old-school conservative.

About the word fiscal conservatism, first of all Econ 101 tells us that we, the entire world, has needed massive deficit spending during the Great Recession and second, sincere fiscal conservatives (the current Republicans pretend to care about public debt in order to rationalize tax cuts) like yourself have no influence at all upon the actual politics of the GOP:

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