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I think that the Republican party failed because they aren't selling themselves to a wide enough demographic, the white male vote isn't enough to win on anymore. I think there is a large pool of untapped voters out there that would go for a small government, fiscally conservative message that is socially liberal. I think that is the future for the Republican party if they want to compete in the 21st century. I think they need to do a better job courting non white demographics. I also think that Romney was just not a strong candidate, I felt that way from the beginning. A guy like Chris Christie would have won, I think. The republicans botched an opportunity here, a bad economy usually spells doom on the incumbent.

As far as weather, everything is fine where I am. We came out of Sandy OK here, I lost power for around 30 hours or so. Nothing compared to what some are going through. I'm pretty far inland though.

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