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The interesting thing about the Tea Party is whether they influenced the Republican Party in a way that harmed it in the election?

To the outside observer that element within the party once risen expended millions of dollars and spent the better part of two years (although 4 overall) trying to force the party further Right and to make absolutely sure Obama became a one term president because of their naked feelings on him. And they failed. There's no two ways about it. They failed in their mission. Why?

That suggests they weren't as appealing as they think they were and if the Republican Party wants to look at itself in the wake of their result maybe veering so far over backfired on them a little. So, yes, you can force a change in the main party. But you still can't always get what you want. Because of the voters.

Anyways, how's the weather out your way now? Hadn't seen you around for a couple.
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