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The thing I don't dig is the whole "first to reach 270" electoral votes and you win process.

Maybe my math is's early, and my brain is still playing catchup with the rest of me, and perhaps the process doesn't numerically support such a possibility....suppose Obama reached 270 first, as he did, but then when the rest of the count comes in, and Romney actually came out ahead? What message does that send to voters?

"Well, sorry your votes don't count once we get past 270. Thanks for voting, but your voice stopped being heard once we hit the benchmark....suckers!"

That's the impression that I get. If this is wrong, I'm sorry, but this is why I didn't vote for either idiot (Romney or Obama). I don't like voting for the lesser of two evils, or, in the end, being told that my vote didn't count for S***!

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