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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
At first it was indeed intended to be webisodes, but I guess the quality of it was high enough to warrant SyFy wanting to actually air it as a two-hour movie early next year, and then hit Blu-Ray/DVD as an "unrated" version.
And is it continuing afterward in webisode form? Or are they basically abandoning it entirely after airing the pilot?

I'm glad we get a little more Galactica, since it seems that the Bryan Singer helmed Galactica project has taken the big dump once and for all.
Why, what did you hear? I assumed it was dead when they announced that Singer was directing the next X-Men. But I haven't actually heard anything (nor was I expecting to at this point).

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Curiosity would make me want to check it out. Even if it never is going to series. I just picked up the complete BSG Blu ray box set as well. Haven't gone back through it all yet though.
I got the set two years ago, but still haven't had time to watch most of it. And for that reason haven't sold my S1-3 DVD sets yet.

I marathoned S4 in December 2010 for my Dad who was visiting, and I could have sworn there was bad lip-synch in a couple of places. Dad swore I was imagining it, but that's his reaction whenever ANY (perceived) quality control discrepancy that annoys the hell out of me. I could have sworn this. But I still haven't had time to re-watch and confirm. Like I said it was just 'in places.' It didn't seem to be a "this episode, this episode, that episode" kind of anomaly.

The only other place (I thought) I caught it was somewhere in S2's 'Downloaded' (or whichever is the over-hyped S2 ep that's told from Caprica Six's point of view). Because it became apparent Dad had somehow skipped that one when borrowing my older DVD sets. And again, it seemed like the lip-synch was off at one point.

I never noticed a problem with S1, which is the only other season I had gotten all the way through on BluRay. Although I've been meaning to re-watch it too before selling my DVDs, just in case. Because I'm really curious.

The show was filmed in HD, right? So why would there be a discrepancy between the HD and SD versions? Did they only assemble the HD video elements in time for the BluRay, instead of post-producing in HD and down-converting for broadcast?

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