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Default Just how big is an Imperial Star Destroyer, you might ask?

Hi, folks,
Ok, this is one of my most ambitious set ups to date. Everything you see is not only to scale with each other, but it is FULL scale. That is, everything is based around the scale that each square on the iClone grid is 1 meter, the iClone grid itself is, by default, 100 squares by 100 squares, so 100 meters by 100 meters.
The average Imperial stormtrooper is 1.8 meters tall. So, almost 2 squares on the grid.

The Corellian Corvette (Princess Leia's Tantive IV beyond the bay doors) is 150 meters long. On the iClone grid, she is 1 and a half grids long.
The Imperial Star Destroyer itself is 1600 meters long. That means that this ship is 16 full iClone grids long.
I widened the clipping range to its maximum....99,999.
Everything you see here is done in a shot. No compositing, no alpha channeling.
I think I am going to rework the size of some of the guns on the star destroyer though, make 'em a little smaller.
Enjoy this demo. All models, sets, props, planets, and stormtrooper armor built by yours truly.

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