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Disney just has to get their hands on EVERYTHING! I was at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California a few days ago for the Halloween Haunting experience and man I heard that Disney is even trying to buy the ship! Dang, is there anything they can't control? Seriously...I know how much they want to get their hands on the Spider-Man franchise. No, it's not enough to buy Marvel, they have to control every aspect of Marvel including Spider-Man.

Although I don't approve of the current Spider-Man, I am glad that Columbia has the rights to it still.

As for Star Wars, I was very disappointed when I heard that Disney bough Lucasfilm. I suposse it doesn make sense since there are two rides at Disneyland with collaboration with Lucas: Star Tours and Indiana Jones. But, now that they have greenlit three more films...I hope they will get good writers and keep Lucas out of the script.
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