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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Going way, way back, it was always perceived that the whole saga, originally having the overall title of "The Journal Of The Whills" would be made up of three trilogies..."Star Wars" was almost a secondary title. The second trilogy was supposed to have had the subtitle "The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker."

So it's quite possible the outlines Lucas made for the third trilogy could be very old, going back to the 1970s.
Those were very rough outlines as I recall.

At the time that there were nine movies (Empire Strikes Back would have already been in production) the middle three chapters were the only ones that actually conformed to a trilogy. Episodes I and II jumped dozens of hundreds of years forward in time (creation of the Republic, that sort of thing), leaving III to cover what eventually became the prequel trilogy. Then I think in films VII-VIII Luke finally confronts his sister (not Leia) and the Emperor... then IX would have been a distant coda/episode film of sorts... my recollection is quite sketchy. Lucas' so-called master plan changed with every film that was in production.

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