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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Sure, but going by the online bits I've been reading so far the most commonly brought up aspect is what this means for the 'original' original trilogy. That, and the expression that Disney just starts with the prequels all over again...........but somehow makes them better.

I doubt that would happen though.
That's because a lot of people online want to react without really stopping to think. Disney/Lucas is not going to re-film three movies just because they 'sucked.' If they're going to reboot, they'll reboot the whole franchise (and I don't see that happening either). And they're not going to make three movies that are merely based on the storylines of three popular fan-oriented novels.

Part of the reason the original trilogy comes up is because for many fans its the entirety of the franchise, the only part they want to acknowledge. Which would seem to further support the notion that we don't need any more SW.

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