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I never said restoring the original trilogy was likely to happen. But if Lucas is selling his empire and going into semi-retirement, one might hope that maybe it's a little less unlikely.

And I do believe the negatives (or whatever is in usable quality at this point) need to be re-captured and restored even if they do remain conformed to the '97 special editions or edited into the more recent versions. But I still haven't heard who has them at this point. Are they part of the Lucasfilm/Disney buyout? Or maybe they revert back to FOX. It is likely that Lucas has a clause in the deal to keep them protected under his control, just like he bought the sequel rights from FOX back in the day. But maybe this whole transaction is a sign that he's letting go. That he's willing to let other people develop new SW movies is unprecedented in itself. Hard though to be as enthusiastic about that just yet, since we don't necessarily need more SW.

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