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Hmmmnnn, lemme see - the news broke last night as I was just heading to bed so with gut reaction out the way..........

I would not bet on releases of the original trilogy. Given Lucas' determination to bury/erase them I would have a hard time believing the issue of them wasn't addressed during negotiations. So it really depends what Lucas stipulated or allowed as part of the conditions of the sale. If he truly doesn't want them seen, then I doubt he would have included with the deal the option for Disney to try and restore whatever is left for a sale package.

But maybe he went to them the equivalent of 'If YOU want to, go ahead, it's all yours now'.

When it comes to the next three films the reports are that there exist treatments and mapped out plans for three films. who wrote and prepared these plans? Lucas? Someone else? I suppose that will be answered in course (if not already in some online article). They want to have the film out in 2015. So they must be well along.

Also, Disney owns Marvel. Now I loved The Avengers as much as the next man but I firmly believe the success of that film had as much to do with Whedon writing it. The precursor films are a LOT more variable so I'm in no way assuming Disney has the Marvel Universe sorted in terms of quality. And if you look at Disney blockbusters in general of the last few years not many are particularly good IMO and some are downright awful. So, The Avengers is not long term evidence of anything in my eyes. Especially with sequel assembly line Disney already has in place. Also, as some articles have noted, there's a little film called The Avengers 2 currently scheduled for May 2015. That was the traditional release date for the prequels. Will Disney be pitting it's Marvel tentpole against it new tentpole or will something shift?

I have no interest on the consumer products side except to expect even more than there already is. But I don't buy it now and I won't in future. Merchandise all you like.

So really the upshot becomes what is this new trilogy all about? Who will write it/them? Who will direct it/them? They may be good films, they may be bad films but overall this currently still reeks of Disney just out to make easy money off an established brand they didn't do any work building, just the same as when they swooped in and bought Marvel and Pixar.

I remain a doubter until more info emerges about these new films.
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