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see where you are going, but with only one series, (1980 ahem) BSG wasn't as well established. Spock never carried out a romance. The odd fling and hormone driven alpha male contest versus kirk aside....dada da da da da da da dadada. (hope i counted the das right
Anyhow it's all a matter of taste. Like, red matter didn't bother me, or a "black hole" letting Spocks tiny little ship, and the behemoth Narada through at the start, but later on no ship can stand up to it, whats going on?
Anyhow here's another little nugget. CB and Eve, both starred in this, I enjoyed it when I saw it, but you might need to be familiar with the British quiz University Challenge to get the premise, maybe not. Needless to say CB and Eve weren't really on my radar back then, but worth a look. Prof X (McAvoy) is in there too.
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