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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
Some interesting ideas, can't say I think anyone has hit the mark though, here's obviously what's really going to happen:

Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchel, Weller will be an officer around him and be a sidekick or right hand man sort of character. The story will revolve around Mitchell going a bit crazy and doing something which makes Starfleet send Kirk after him, being a close friend and all. This will give Kirk some good character interaction with Mitchell and for this time Spock will be the logical one reining Kirk in rather than the emotional Vulcan he was in the last film. Anyone think there's any chance any of that is right?

And yeah... no more time travel!
Nice ideas. Mitchel has been denied, but that doesn't stop me with my Khan theories, so I think there's a good chance it could be Mitchel too. Especially when you take in the super human strength to fight a Vulcan, and seems to be have a starfleet uniform of some type.
I actually hope your'e right on this score, and that Urban really did slip up, because, deep down I don't really want a Khan reboot, and I don't think other fans do either, but I just khan't shake that feeling......
I think Weller still might have some connection to his Enterprise character, but that's just me..
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