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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Don't underestimate Weller. He'll deliver the goods for the twenty minutes or so that he's in the film, then its over to Cumberbatch to maintain the momentum.
I'd be inclined to agree with you.
Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
No time travel at all. Simply a transporter mishap with red matter accidentally thrown in! Instant youth!
Ah, a la Thomas Riker. I'm wanting to give it the thumbs up but mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh.............

Lets just hope its not an anachronistic holodeck malfunction

Edit: Just remembered the lil' "Rascals" episode. LOL. Good episode though, but, I don't think it would work on big screen. Your right about smoke and mirrors, even a trailer could be deliberately misleading and send us all on a merry wild goose chase, but at least it would be something to go on.
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