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Originally Posted by thestartrekker View Post
You're talking my kinda language Martok.
Ha ha ha.

Originally Posted by thestartrekker
AWWE...I quite liked FC,
Don' getta me wrong-o. (Watto talk). I liked the story for FC, and find it enjoyable enough to watch on blu-ray. (But, if you can find a full-frame version of the movie, the action fills the screen better, like a tv episode). It was just a disappointment to me on the big screen. Same with Serenity. Loved the story. Just disappointed by the lack of impact on the big screen. Again, a full frame version of the movie would do it justice on the small screen, but I doubt you're going to find a full frame version, since letterbox (once so heavily reviled by folks who watch their movies on TV/video) is now pretty much the standard (thanks to widescreen HDTV's .... ha haaaaa....victory is mine!)

Originally Posted by thestartrekker
Good thoughts, don't know how much of that you could squeeze into a movie, wait a minute...a TRILOGY!!!!!!!!!
Aye, perhaps a trilogy, but again, you'd have to hope that the first movie is going to be a box-office success. (Perhaps not a blockbuster, but definitely enough of a success to warrant a second and perhaps third movie.) I think the story I propose could be told in a movie that is just over two hours (perhaps around two hours and twenty minutes, as long as it is not bogged down with too much politicking...that is stuff best kept for television episodes). Keep the story fast and compelling, and I think you could tell what needed to be told and even warrant a sequel with a brand new adventure.

Originally Posted by thestartrekker
Maybe B5 is long ago enough to keep all the elements the same, as long as they don't make Mollari a woman!!!
Ha ha ha....yeah...I agree there.

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