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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I've never heard before that they even were considering the original actors. Did anyone actually say that? This to me is new. I never got the impression they had enough of a treatment to be that specific.

I've only heard it was "based on the original series; not the Ron Moore reboot." Which could mean anything. The Ron Moore reboot was based on the original series. Sources get their semantics turned around and end up inarticulate because they're trying to be articulate (That this wasn't going to continue Ron Moore's version was always a given).

Glen Larson I know tried to propose a sequel/spin-off Battlestar Pegasus motion picture that would supposedly have been 'in continuity' with his original series. But he's a has-been TV producer who wouldn't understand how Hollywood works. And his plan didn't involve the original actors (prompting Richard Hatch to pitch Galactica himself, until I suspect the Moore team co-opted him just to shut him up).

Even if they weren't 60-year-olds, they're TV actors. Nobody brings them to the big screen unless you're Star Trek, The X-Files or Serenity. Even Star Trek probably couldn't tell you how they did it, other than history and pop culture seemed to be on their side when it happened. And they don't do it anymore. And Galactica isn't Star Trek. It would be like making The Undiscovered Country or Star Trek Nemesis if the films prior had never happened.

I would seriously hope they remake it, reboot it, whatever it, because otherwise I can't see that they were ever that realistic about it to begin with.

If I remember my history on this correctly, back around '99, Singer and DeSanto were already well working on a revival effort for television that would've been a continuation of the original series (forgoing the horror that was Galactica 1980) By early 2001, some sets were already built and they were actually ready for principal photography. Reportedly, Dirk Benedict (the original Starbuck) had his bags already packed and ready to take off to report for filming duty. Then, Sept. 11th hit. Production was brought to a terminal standstill. Sets were taken down. The project was scrapped.

A plan was still in place to do something with Battlestar Galactica. Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy) acquired the rights to do their own series, and for those of us who remember the original series, well, we've seen the alterations that were made in tone, story, characters, and tech. A script for the pilot miniseries was leaked out. Some hard core old schoolers who saw the script were practically repulsed and revulsed by it, and some even tried to launch campaigns to have the production STOPPED. Admittedly, I wasn't even sure what to think of some of the story and story elements, but when the miniseries aired, all doubts in my mind were cast aside. For me, Galactica was back. And it was back for four seasons after that.

In some ways, it seems almost that Galactica is a cursed franchise....loaded with fits and starts, and then sputtering out.

Now, a big screen production of the new series Galactica is entirely feasible. Two of the lead stars were already Oscar winning actors (Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell), and others in the cast also had big screen experience (Katee Sackhoff, James Callis, Aaron Douglas, I believe Jamie Bamber) and many of their guest cast had been on the big screen (Dana Delaney, Bill Duke, John Heard).

Richard Hatch, I admire the guy. He did a great job as the original Apollo in the '78 series, and did a bang up job as Tom Zarek in the new series. (His "B" movie work might leave something to be desired) The ideas he had for "Galactica: The Second Coming" which would've been a continuation movie, were really cool. He financed the trailer project himself, and hired some really good CG talent, and even brought back some of the original cast (Terry Carter, John Colicos), although they could not be paid for their work. (Union rules and all that.) If you search YouTube, I'm sure you can find the trailer for "Second Coming". (For the longest time, Hatch was only permitted to show the trailer at conventions that he attended himself, so the film roll was always on his person. Any time the video appeared on YouTube as a result of someone "camera recording" the trailer, the trailer would be yanked. So I don't know if it is still currently available, or has been pulled.)

He, at first, was vocal about his opposition to the new series. He wasn't disrespectful, but he did oppose it. Ronald D. Moore met with him, showed him the sets and the people (many of the actors apparently treated Richard with a sort of reverence...."wow, here's the ORIGINAL Apollo). And yes, Richard accepted a recurring role. His tune regarding the new series did change dramatically, and some old school fans view him as a "traitor to the cause". (This is why I don't get too invested in "fandoms".)

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