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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
They may just be sailors, but they still woudl have had at least basic weapons training. And this group of gangsters isn't exactly the SEALS either. You deal with them because you have to.
Indeed, they may ave only been trained to a basic level of use for the M-16/M-4, and unless the Navy's changed something up in the last several years, I don't think sailors go back every year to "re-qualify" with weapons, unless you are combat arms the way that Army and Marines do. I think, with the Navy (again, excluding SEALs and other combat arms elements of the Navy) it's a one and done deal.

And yes, the drug lords are certainly not SEAL trained, and perhaps not even equal to the proficiency of a standard grunt or Marine, but, they are around firearms a lot more than most of the crew of the Colorado. The crew of the Colorado seemed pretty comfortable having an assault rifle in their hands, but when it came right down to combat, many of them started to quake....bad.

Now, I do see a potential remedy to this. If they can reign in the one surviving, and dissenting SEAL who is getting along quite nicely with one of the local women (a hottay for sure), they might be able to convince him to "qualify" the crew with firearms.

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