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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I can see where you're coming from, but unfortunately, even with the crew's and the Colorado's firepower, the drug lord seems to have the support of the locals, so the Colorado crew cannot act quite as roughly as we'd like to see them do. Their ultimate goal is to clear their own names, and yes, while the crew did a drug run to try and free three of their crew, they realize that they cannot just waltz in and eliminate a drug lord like so much chafe. (Besides, I'm anxious to see exactly how Captain Chaplin takes retribution on the drug a "time and place of his choosing". ). But again, the drug lord has the support of the locals, so wiping him out would not be so easy a task, unless the drug lord did something that so incensed the population that they would be glad to see the Colorado crew take him out.

But also remember, even though these are combat sailors, they are combat sailors in terms of ship to ship warfare...they are not infantry. They are not Marines. Many of them may have barely qualified with an M-16 or M-4. (In fact, with the exception of maybe a few of the crew, they probably haven't even been trained in boarding actions.) Firing a rifle is not a sailor's primary task, unlike the Army and the Marines where you are at least basic infantry qualified when you complete basic training, no matter what your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). The only really ground combat trained personnel they had were the few S.E.A.L.'s they rescued at the beginning of the pilot episode. And we've largely seen the SEALs' disposition toward the crew. So, taking out the drug lord is not so easy a thing as you might imagine.
They may just be sailors, but they still woudl have had at least basic weapons training. And this group of gangsters isn't exactly the SEALS either. You deal with them because you have to.

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