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Default LAST RESORT....A damn good show

I've always been wanting to check out the new series "Last Resort", and of course, I was able to finally check out the first three eps on Hulu.

I am really enjoying this show. Strong cast, strong acting, good visual effects, and a killer story line so far.

The gist of the story is thus:

The U.S.S. Colorado, an American nuclear attack submarine outfitted with the Perseus System, a prototypical stealth technology, has just been ordered to fire its nukes on Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) does not like the fact that the order is coming from a secondary, and less secure communications protocol and location, as pointed out by his X.O. Commander Kendall (Scott Speedman). When he calls for confirmation of the order through proper channels, he is ordered relieved of command. Kendall, upon being given command of the Colorado, also requests confirmation. With that, the Colorado becomes a hunted vessel, declared rogue by the U.S. government. After being damaged while attempting to escape being fired upon, Captain Chaplin orders the Colorado to an exotic island, (which also happens to be a NATO listening post of sorts) where he sets up a 200 mile "No man's land" surrounding the island. The presence of the Colorado does not exactly settle well with many of the inhabitants of the island, and it's already led to one very tense encounter with the local drug lord.

The plan: The Colorado will hole up here, while they seek a means to clear their names. Not everyone on the crew is going along with this. Some feel that Chaplin should've obeyed orders, including the Chief of the Boat (Robert Patrick). This leads to some internal conflict amongst the crew, but so far, Chaplin has managed to hold it all together, albeit by a very thin thread. Also, it's starting to look just a little bit soap-opera-ish in some areas, but hopefully that will be a very superfluous side effect.

One scene in the second episode had me jumping out of my seat and cheering hard for the Colorado crew.

So now, the Colorado has established a base of operations. Their sub can be deployed at will. They have a listening post, and a communications station. And Chaplin has issued a warning to the U.S. regarding his "No man's land".

If the show can maintain the intensity it has had for these first three episodes, I will be following this one closely.

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