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All's good, all's good.

It's not unusual for boards to be just walked away from...they've done it to the boards at twice. First time after CBS fired the guys that used to be Paramount Digital Entertainment...CBS apparently left the boards adrift until they had a team from CBS Sports cover it for a while (they were almost as nice as the original PDE guys), but then they were pulled off it...

At one point, CBS Consumer Products head Liz Kalodner was said to have remarked she didn't even know was still open, much less that the boards were still in use.

It was after that a team from CBS Interactive came in, did their impresssion of the Nazis taking over Europe, and oversaw the closing of the old site/boards and the opening of the current site, which hasn't worked 100% since the day it opened over two years ago. And it's never their problem...the geniuses are always quick to say "it works fine for us, it must be your browser."

I bet Paramount pulled the admin team from here for other projects, and just has someone do some kind of random routine maintenance.

If they should decide to go strictly Facebook for anything new, and shut this down, you guys are always welcome at my place.
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