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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Geez, was just wondering if there'd been any whispers coming through, omegaman...

Compare what looks like these days to, which hasn't been updated in years but still looks like a better product that And if CBS was interested in promoting the new movie, you'd never know it amid ads for the things they'd love to sell you, news most have already seen elsewhere and silly polls.

The message boards are getting slower and slower all the time. The resident trolls are even starting to have a hard time deciding who they want to target next.
Starbase… if my previous reply to your earlier post may have seemed a tad harsh I apologize.

No whispers as far as what's happening with this board at all. They seem to be leaving us alone when they could have shut us down ages ago, so either they've forgotten about us, or are leaving us alone until they are ready to refresh this board. I'm hoping they will create a new board or make this a permanent forum for all things Trek. The people currently making use of this board are well behaved, not like on some of the other boards.

The next TV Series should be called STARFLEET!
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