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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
The witty, quippy Bond doesn't sit well with me because I read the books as well as saw the movies. Bond isn't a funny man. His remarks should be more ironic or sarcastic than an attempt to be funny.

The longer Moore played the part, the worse he got. "Moonraker" was the absolute rock bottom of all the Bond flicks in my book. A shame because he was so great as Simon Templar years earlier.
Each actor has defiantly put their own stamp on the character but the scripts had a lot to do with it as well. Bond has always been good at cashing in on trends and reinventing itself. "Moonraker" is pretty ridiculous but it came out two years after "Star Wars" so people loved it. It was the highest grossing Bond film (minus inflation) until "Goldeneye." "For Your Eyes Only" which came out after maybe my favorite Bond film of the Moore era. The Bond movies always seem to takes things just a little too far and then ground themselves again in the next film. For example "Diamonds Are Forever" was pretty campy and then we got "Live and Let Die" which is great. I already mentioned "For Your Eyes Only" coming after "Moonraker." "Die Another Day" got pretty ridiculous even though again it was financially successful and then we got "Casino Royale." It seems to be a bit of a cycle.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Gave it (Adele, SKYFALL) a listen. Not a bad theme song. Not among my faves, but definitely not bad.
I love this theme but then again I'm a fan of Adele's other work. I think she has a great voice. I would put this up there with my other favorites. Goldeneye, You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever. Truth is I enjoy most of the Bond themes. I know a lot of people didn't like You Know My Name from "Casino Royale" but I thought it worked well to set that movie apart from the rest. I think they tried to replicate that with the Another Way to Die from "Quantum of Solace" but it was terrible in my opinion. Alicia Keys has a great voice but the song didn't suit her at all and she sounds really bad. I like that Skyfall has a more classic Bond fell and I can't wait to see the title sequence with it.

Also Happy Birthday Mr. Bond. Today is International Bond Day as 50 years ago today Dr. No was released.
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