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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
I already pre-ordered the song on iTunes. It's going to be available on the 5th. Not a fan of Adele, but really looking forward to this song. Just fyi, October 5th is the date that the first 007 film, Dr. No hit theaters. As of the 5th, it's going to be National James Bond
I'm going to wait for the soundtrack and hope that the song will be on there. I've purchased every soundtrack since Goldeneye except Casino Royale because Chris Cornell's theme was not on it. From the moment I heard the rumor that Adele was doing the theme I really hoped it was true. She is perfect for this and the 90 second preview sounds fantastic. What a voice.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I spared myself a LOT of buyer's remorse a couple of days ago at Best Buy. I went in and as I passed by the promotional stand for the Complete 007 Blu-Ray collection, I saw one box remaining. I saw the price tag: $149.99. I thought, WOW, that's quite a drop from the $199.99 originally posted for the blu-rays. Then I saw the tag below it : $99.99. My jaw DROPPED! I snagged it up. In my excitement, I almost failed to notice one vital detail until I got to the checkout line.....they were the DVD's...not the blu-rays. So, I got out of the line and took 'em back. Ha ha ha.
I picked them up on blu-ray when it was released and in my opinion at $170 it's still worth it.
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