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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Well there's nothing like having your point made for you.

I don't think my post or my reading of it was out of line within the actual content of the article. I would have said nothing further if you hadn't been unable to scratch your itch and involve my comment in your own post.
That's irrelevant Kevin.
Why are you still searching for a mystery? You and Tom have one consistency and that is the predilection to ignore what you don't like. That is why you can't bring yourself to reply to my request. But no reply, is just as valid as a reply. Neither of you want to honor such a request...
So be it. All I can do is ask.

...and you bicker with everyone else, Tom and Horatio included.

Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
You are a weird, weird dude
Thank you, That's my motto of choice.
I'm sorry I can't say the same about you.

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